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Doctor and Patient

Update to Facial Mask Policy at Randolph Health Facilities:
Masks are no longer required; however, they are encouraged while in a Randolph Health facility.*
*Certain exceptions apply, such as treatment areas with high-risk patients.

Masks are REQUIRED for patients with any of the following symptoms: fever, headache/body ache/pain, cough or sore throat, stuffy/runny nose, chills, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea.

In order to protect the health of patients and staff, visitors with any of the above symptoms are not permitted to enter any Randolph Health facility unless seeking treatment.

Now Offering Telehealth Visits
Randolph Health Medical Group is now offering telehealth visits, which most insurances are covering. Check with your insurance provider for coverage of these types of services. Please contact your provider’s office to see if telehealth is available.

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Randolph Health Urology is Now Offering BioIdentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

With the addition of Sarah Jeanes, FNP to our Practice, we are now able to offer this new service here in our office. Unfortunately, both men and women experience a drop in life-sustaining hormones as they age. Hormone Replacement Therapy focuses on the prevention of the symptoms of the aging process rather than simply the treatment of those symptoms.

The aging process is inevitable…but the changes from aging don’t have to be.


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Welcome To Randolph Health Urology!

Randolph Health Urology was formed in 2011 when Roberto Chao, MD joined Randolph Health Medical Group. Dr. Chao, a board certified urologist specializing in Prostate Cancer, Renal Lithiasis and Incontinence and who is also fluent in Spanish, has been serving the urology needs of our community since 1992.

Please contact us, as same day appointments may be available.

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